The Sea Monkeys

The Syncopating Sea-Monkeys are an enthusiastic, energetic and fun-loving band based at River City High School in West Sacramento.

Enter Category (A-Director, B-Current, C-Alumni) First Name or Nickname Instrument(s) Graduation Year View
Alumni  Andrew  Bass Guitar  2009 
B -Current   Rayla  Drums  2012 
B-Current  Shlyn  vocals, drums  2010 
B-Current  Vladie S.  Guitar  2012 
B-Current  Tre'  Tenor Sax  2010 
B-Current  Micah  Tenor Sax  2011 
B-Current  Serge  Keys  2011 
B-Current  Lexi  Clarinet  2010 
B-Current  Melissa  Vocalist  2009